Cape Cod Shark Hunters - F/V Ezyduzit - Sandwich, MA
Great White Shark - Carcharadon Carcharias
          One of the oceans apex predators.  It's massive size, rows of razor sharp teeth, and jet black eyes make it one of the most feared animals on the planet.  Millions of years of evolution have made the great white the ocean's super predator.  It's only natural enemies are orca "killer" whales.
          Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood folklore, the white shark is not a mindless juggernaught recklessly swimming around with it's dorsal fin cutting through the surface.  Instead, it is a highly intelligent master of stealth.  The white shark stays cloaked below the surface looking upwards for seals to feed upon.  They have highly honed senses of vision and smell and even have a sixth sense that can detect electrical impulses given off by all living things.  This function is made possible by hundreds of jelly filled pores on the sharks snout called the ampuli of Lorenzini.
          The great white is very rarely seen, but gather in large numbers at several locations around the world, most recently Monomoy Island off the coast of Chatham, MA.  They are widely protected world wide and attempting to catch one is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
  •  very large in size
  •  slate gray top and white bottom with distinct
          separation lines
  •  Triangular shaped large first dorsal fin
  •  Pectoral fins commonly tipped in black
  •  Large jet black eyes
  •  Long gill slits
  •  Very small second dorsal and anal fins
  • Order - Lamniformes
  • Family - Laminidae (like Mako and Porbeagle)
  • Size - 5 to 7 feet when young, adults are usually 12 to 18 feet, and can be up to 25 feet long
  • Diet - Sea Lions, Seals, Dolphins, other Sharks, and large pelagic fish such as Tuna and Swordfish.
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