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2013 Season Wrap-up - 

With the new year here and the 2013 tagging season behind us, the Shark Hunters would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014.  This year was full of challenges and set backs, but due to the help and support of the people of the Cape,  we were still able to accomplish many of our goals.

On the tagging front, we were still able to get a few tags out with our star shark of the year being Luci.  Luci is a beautiful seventeen foot white shark tagged off of Chatham in September.

The Shark Hunters also had the opportunity to collect two tissue samples this year, one of them being from Luci.  This is done using a special attachment on the tagging pole.  The attachment, provided by the state division of marine fisheries, allows us to obtain a tissue sample about one inch long.  There are many exciting things we will be able to learn from these samples, including diet and the effect of pollutants.

The receiver array placed along the back side of the Cape this year logged so much data that most of it has not even been analyzed yet.  When ever a shark with an acoustic tag swims within a hundred yards of one of the receivers it catalogs the coded number of the shark and when it was in the area.  This is key for tracking regional movements between the twenty receivers.

We have found that our finned friends stay around the waters of the Cape a lot later then we previously thought.  We were able to detect nine different sharks in November and December showing us that it is very possible that theses animals are able to tolerate much colder water than previously believed.

Looking to the future of next year, the need for funding will be greater than ever.  No one truly knows the duration to which we will have convenient access to this species for study, so getting as many tags out while we have the opportunity is crucial.  Working alongside the newly formed non-profit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, we are raising as much funding as we can, but your help is still needed.  Any contribution to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is tax deductible and considered a charitable donation.  

If you are ready for a true once in a lifetime opportunity, The Shark Hunters and the AWSC are offering a "Great White Shark Safari" during the 2014 season.  A donation of $4,000 or more will get you five seats on the tagging vessel for a full day of shark tagging next summer.  You will get the opportunity to see these animals up close in their natural habitat.  You will get to go out on the pulpit and up in the tower for optimal viewing angles and photo/video opportunities.  You will also be given the honor of naming the shark or sharks we tag on that trip allowing you to put your personal stamp on the tagging program.  Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!  Why fly across the globe to see an apex predator when we have dozens of them right here off of beautiful Chatham!  Any donations to AWSC are greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in booking a "Great White Shark Safari" go to the contact us page and email and send Niko or BIll an e-mail.  

As always, we thank you for your continuing support.  If you are planning on visiting Cape Cod, be sure to visit the Monomoy White store on Main Street, Hyannis, the official gear headquarters of the Shark Hunters, You can also visit them online to purchase official shark hunters gear along with other great merchandise all featuring great white sharks.

Welcome to the home of the Cape Cod Shark Hunters.  We are a small group of fishermen from Cape Cod that have dedicated our time and efforts into the conservation of sharks and pelagic fish in the waters surrounding Cape Cod.

Photo by Will Osier, Cape Cod Shark Hunters
                                                    Photo Credit: Will Osier

         We do scientific research on Basking Sharks, Great White Sharks, and Giant Blue fin Tuna working hand in hand with scientists from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI).
          Our goal is to educate the general public about these animals and to conserve them for the generations to come.  Read our biographies on the Meet the Hunters page.  Learn critical information on the sharks we tag.  Stay safe by reading the shark sighting report before you go swimming to see where the latest sightings on Great White sharks have been.  Swing by the shark shop to get your official Cape Cod Shark Hunters gear.
Just remember, we are here to keep you safe in the water.
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